New G.I. Joe Classified Series Pre-Orders!

Just yesterday, Hasbro dropped three more G.I. Joe Classified Series pre-orders. The figures are Desert Commando Snake Eyes, Tunnel Rat & Cobra Eel. In the US the Cobra Eel is an Amazon exclusive and in the UK it’s only available on Hasbro Pulse and it’s already sold out.

I’m really impressed with the reveals and I was not expecting the Cobra Eel at all as we hadn’t even seen a scan of it before. He looks similar to the Torpedo figure that we have gotten recently. I really love the helmet that he comes with. I can see why this figure is very popular along with all the other army builders and I am not that surprised that he sold out so quickly. I hope that they re-release all the army builders again as they are near nigh impossible for new collectors to collect, especially in the UK.

I wasn’t too hot on the Desert Commando Snake Eyes when I first saw it, but I have warmed up to it as I really like the colors of his outfit. I know that it’s a reuse of the Commando Snake Eyes head and the regular Classified Snake Eyes body. I really like that the blades of the swords are painted and they look really nice as well.

The reveal I was most excited about was Tunnel Rat and he didn’t disappoint. I was really impressed with the scan reveal which they showed off earlier this year. The figure looks even better than the scan and I am really impressed with all the accessories that he comes with, he has a very unique look and will definitely stand out on a display. He has some very unique accessories with the heavy rifle that has a scope, night goggles, and revolver.

I should note that the Desert Commando Snake Eyes & Tunnel Rat are available at other retailers in the UK such as Star Action Figures & Props & Replicas.

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