New G.I. Joe Classified Pre-Orders.

In a surprise move, Hasbro put up some more G.I. Joe Classified figures up for pre-order yesterday. They revealed the Tele-Viper & Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble), Arctic B.A.T., Tiger Force Dusty & Python Crimson Guard.

I honestly didn’t realize that Hasbro would be doing Yo Joe June this year, so we can expect a number of G.I. Joe reveals throughout the month from Hasbro. I know that they have teased the Arctic B.A.T. for a few months when they first showed of Snow Job and some people overseas have already gotten one before it was officially revealed. I am very impressed with the look of this figure and it’s interchangeable parts and I really love the paint job which makes it really stand out from the usual B.A.T.s. I especially love the chainsaw arm and the robotic head with the eye in the middle.

They had revealed that they would be doing a Trubble Bubble a few months ago and the real thing looks absolutely excellent. I really like that the Tele-Viper comes with three interchangeable heads which is perfect for army building. Being honest I don’t know much about the original G.I. Joe line so I am not entirely clear what some of the accessories are. Though I do love the removable missiles and all the little details on the bubble and control screen.

The other two reveals were a Tiger Force Dusty & Python Patrol Crimson Guard. As I’ve already got the regular version of Dusty and a Crimson Guard I am not too excited about these personally. All of these figures are scheduled to be released in July/August which I do find to to be a little maddening as a number of other Joe products are scheduled to be released then so it looks to be an expensive month for Joe fans, so I am hoping that these will be delayed till a bit later in the year.

Naturally, the Trubble Bubble and Arctic B.A.T. have already sold out on Hasbro Pulse UK due to low stock which is not surprising at all, so hopefully they’ll get more Trubble Bubble’s in as I would love to get one. Thankfully Star Action Figures and Props & Replicas stock the Arctic B.A.T. If you missed it on Hasbro Pulse UK.

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