UPDATE: Dreamex Casey Jones Action Figure Has Price, Ship Date

DreamEx new Casey Jones action figure
DreamEx new Casey Jones action figure

Seriously, This New Casey Jones Action Figure Looks Great

Although DreamEx has been teasing the public with images of their new officially licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series of action figures for a while, they’ve now (finally) released official photos of their new Casey Jones action figure.

While most manufacturers focus on the Turtles and Shredder, it’s looking like DreamEx has decided to make the definitive Casey Jones action figure. The hockey stick wielding vigilante will be coming in 1/6 scale, and is seen wearing his signature hockey mask. He’s also carrying his golf bag full of the various types of bats and clubs necessary for saving the day. His clothes are highly detailed and made out of real fabric, including tattered and ripped parts from all the crime fighting he’s been doing.

The sculpt and the paint job look superb, which can be seen on even the smallest details such as veins on his arms and his neck. In his golf bag, we see a hockey stick, a cricket bat, a baseball bat, a golf club, a field hockey stick, and probably some more goodies, all of which appear to be removable, which is awesome.

Not Many Additional Details on the New Casey Jones Action Figure

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no additional details regarding articulation, price point, or when it might be available. Of course, we can make some safe assumptions regarding the price based on the level of detail and on previous experience. Best guess, it won’t be under $100, and hopefully not more than $200. Considering that the prototype has just been revealed, we’re guessing that we’re not going to see the figure until late 2016, or into 2017.

What we can expect from DreamEx in the future is also pretty exciting. As they revealed with their past teases, they’ll be putting together Turtle and Shredder figures. And if this new Casey Jones action figure in indicative of the quality, we can expect them to look awesome and have numerous accessories and interchangeable items.

Update on DreamEX Casey Jones Action Figure

[July 11th] We’ve got the first pricing details for this figure. Lunar Toy Store has put up a pre-order listing for this figure at $199.98, and says the figure should be shipping in Q3 of this year. Hopefully, we’ll see it show up at some other retailers soon.

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