New 52 Justice League Wonder Woman Figure Review by DC Collectibles

While Darkseid is walking around with his army of Parademons crushing all of his enemies we have Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has seen a few different looks through the years. She has been seen wearing pants (which I don’t think that many of us dug too much), a skirt, shorts, and then the typical superhero outfit that she’s wearing now. With the New 52 revamp she has a more modern look which I tend to like. You are free to disagree. Join me as we take a look into the New 52 Justice League Wonder Woman Figure Review by DC Collectibles!

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The packaging that Wonder Woman comes packaged in is pretty basic but I tend to like it. It is simple yet very nice. A lot of people don’t really like the minimalist packaging style that DC Collectables has turned to but it’s different from what other companies are doing and I like different.

She is in a window box package and toward the bottom right of the package it looks like the blue is being peeled back revealing the figure. This was done to mimic the DC Comics logo. I think it looks really cool. On the left side of the box there is a full body shot of the figure and on the right side there is a black and white type image of the character. (not pictured) It is a little bit weird to me that they decided to hide her sword on the bottom right of the package so that you can’t see it at all in the window. Oh well.

On the back of the package there is a thumbnail of Wonder Woman and then also thumbnails of Darkseid and Cyborg. In the mix of all those pictures there is a very brief bio for the figure. On the bottom is all of the figures that are going to eventually be released. They are all going to be released this holiday season in a 7 pack if you are interested in saving a few bucks. Some of the money even goes to a good cause.


The sculpt for her is pretty great. Jack Matthews really captured the New 52 look that they are doing now in the comics. I like the new look. I don’t know if you saw any of the promotional images for this figure but there wasn’t the golden lasso on her hip. I guess they decided to add that at the last-minute? It looks good none the less.

Her hair is actually sculpted from a more rubbery plastic than you are probably used to with female figures. It is nice and allows for a little bit easier movement with her head. Her right hand is sculpted as a fist and her left is sculpted to hold onto her sword. She holds onto her sword really tight so you won’t have any problems with her dropping it.


Paint on this figure is pretty good for the most part. As with most DC Collectibles figures there is a paint flaw here and there. She has bright blue eyes her facial paint job is very sharp. She actually has nail polish too! I thought that was pretty cool!

The silver and blue paint is metallic and really adds to the modern look of the New 52 costume. She looks fantastic. You are going to want to watch out for the minor paint flaws that can be present on DC Collectables figures.


Articulation for Wonder Woman is pretty good for a female figure, though she should defiantly benefit from some more articulation in a few areas. She has:

  • Ball joint neck
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Swivel biceps
  • Hinge elbows
  • Hinge hips
  • Hinge knees

He hair restricts her head movement quite a bit but she can still look left and right a little bit. Her arms have nice movement though I think she could benefit from wrist swivel joints. It’s not something that she really needs, it would just be really nice.

The hip region is kind of restrictive because her legs can just move forward and back. It is a shame because most other figures in her scale have better hip joints. Another improvement that she could use would be swivel joints at the top of her boots. This coupled with better hip joints would make this figure top-notch. I think different hip joints would have probably taken away from the sculpt, so maybe that is why she has what she has.

None the less her articulation is ok for a female figure.


This figure is a pretty great Wonder Woman. The sculpt is great. I love the New 52 look of Wonder Woman and all of the characters in the New 52 really. Watch out for the paint job and there isn’t too much you will be disappointed about with her.

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UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

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  1. Good review. I like the action figure, and I do agree with you about the painting flaws with DC. But I have noticed painting flaws with other collectible figures as well. It’s bound to happen here and there, despite quality control. Sometimes I think they just let these painting flaws go and consider them acceptable. I’m not 100% sure, but that’s my guess. I give the Wonder Woman action figure an 8 out of a 10, overall.

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