New 52 Justice League Cyborg Figure Review by DC Collectibles

The newest member to join the Justice League collection is Cyborg! I have been pretty excited about this figure because he is actually a pretty cool superhero. He has really evolved through the years. He went from being a new member in the Teen Titans, to the leader of the Teen Titans, to a founding member of the Justice League in the New 52. Cyborg also has a pretty big arsenal of abilities. He can knock down a wall, stun someone if needed, and even decode a computer. He is a well-rounded hero that is defiantly a major asset to the Justice League. He’s got a great new look as well since the New 52 so join me as we take a look at the New 52 Justice League Cyborg Figure Review!

Other figures that I have reviewed this week by DC Collectibles are the 13″ Darkseid and Wonder Woman. I have also done a review on the Parademon a few months back.

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The packaging that Cyborg comes in is the same minimalist style packaging that all of the other Justice League figures have been coming in. It is a window box package and on the front you can see the figure inside and on the bottom right it looks like the box is being peeled back to reveal the figure inside. This is actually mimicking the DC Comics logo in case you didn’t notice. This guy’s box is a greyish black color. It fits for him.

On the back of the box, you get a few thumbnails of him and then Darkseid and Wonder Woman. In between the images there is a brief bio for the figure (when I say brief, I mean brief). Along the bottom is all of the figures that are going to eventually be released in the wave. At this point, we are just waiting for Superman. If you want to save some money you can get all of the figures together in a 7 pack and some of the money actually goes to a good cause. It’s a pretty good deal. (Click this link to search eBay for the DC Collectibles Justice League 7 pack.)


Now Cyborg hasn’t really had very many action figures made of him and I don’t really understand why since he is such a powerful superhero. The last one that I have seen of him was when he was in the Teen Titans and his look was completely different. There was a lot of skin showing and he didn’t really look very badass.

With his new look, he brings a whole new meaning to badass. The sculpt is pretty good, like what we have seen with most of the other figures that DC Collectibles has been releasing for the Justice League. His sculpt is comic accurate 100%. Sometimes you will see his biceps in the comics showing skin but I think that I like it when they are covered. He gives him a more hardened look. All of the character redesigns for the New 52 have been great.

He comes with a change out arm that you just pull off. It can be a little bit of fit to get on and off but the option is there for alternate display.


With most of the other figures that I have picked up by DC Collectibles there has been some production flaws in the paint flaws with the brighter colors. For this guy it doesn’t really seem to be a problem. There is only really the red where there could be some extra sloppy paint and there isn’t. Though there is some sloppy paint on the blaster hand. They grey paint isn’t as smooth as I would like it to be. I don’t think that it is going to be a problem for all of the figures so just keep an eye on this.

Because of the way that the extra arm is packaged I don’t even think that you can check it in the store. You will just have to play the action figure lottery if you are going to be picking him up. Don’t worry too much though because it’s not really something too major.

The rest of the paint is great especially on his head. Overall pretty good paint job.


So this guy has some pretty bulky armor and that means that he weighs up in the 300 lb. range. You can’t really expect that a guy that weighs more than 300 lbs. to have stunning articulation. He has:

  • Ball joint head
  • Swivel/hing shoulders
  • Swivel biceps
  • Hinge elbows
  • Swivel gauntlets (just below the elbow)
  • Hinge hips
  • Hinge Knees

Contrary to what I have seen in other reviews so far his shoulder joints allow for his arms to extend straight out to his side up to shoulder level. His shoulders can also fully rotate all the way around. His bicep swivel doesn’t really function at all due to the sculpt of the armor.

I am also not really a fan of the hip joints. Both Wonder Woman and Darkseid both had these joints and I think that the figures would be way better with better functioning hip joints like most figures on the market today. The only reason I can see that DC Collectibles went with the hinge hips is to keep the great sculpt in tact. I still think there is a way around this.

He could also benefit from swivel joints right above the boots.


Since you don’t really get a chance to get a Cyborg figure that often this might be your only chance to get one for awhile. His sculpt is great and his paint job is actually a little bit better than what we have seen on the previous DC Collectibles figures. His articulation still isn’t that great, but you can still get him in some semi ok action poses.

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UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the DC Collectibles New 52 Cyborg action figure.

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  1. “Now Cyborg hasn’t really had very many action figures made of him”
    really? let’s see…off the top of my head:

    -Kenner Super Powers

    DC Direct:
    -NTT – one of the earliest figures released.
    -gold variant with sonic blaster in NTT box set.

    -Mattel DC Universe – NTT look, sonic blaster variant

    FOUR individual prior figures, plus two variants, making this one the SEVENTH such figure based on Cyborg and his third unique appearance. Kenner also planned to re-release him with the proposed NTT sub-line to SP. That’s more than many other figures got, variants or no.

    ALSO, this is an often over looked African American character, to boot! Add in points for NOT having his character called “Black” ANYTHING! Lightning/Panther/Falcon/Power/etc!

    1. You would be right, There are a few versions of him running around. The point that I was trying to make was that this guy is usually overlooked compared to other action figures. He is just not like a Superman or a Batman with 1,000 versions of him.

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