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  1. Brainlock

    “Now Cyborg hasn’t really had very many action figures made of him”
    really? let’s see…off the top of my head:

    -Kenner Super Powers

    DC Direct:
    -NTT – one of the earliest figures released.
    -gold variant with sonic blaster in NTT box set.

    -Mattel DC Universe – NTT look, sonic blaster variant

    FOUR individual prior figures, plus two variants, making this one the SEVENTH such figure based on Cyborg and his third unique appearance. Kenner also planned to re-release him with the proposed NTT sub-line to SP. That’s more than many other figures got, variants or no.

    ALSO, this is an often over looked African American character, to boot! Add in points for NOT having his character called “Black” ANYTHING! Lightning/Panther/Falcon/Power/etc!

    • ActionFigFury

      You would be right, There are a few versions of him running around. The point that I was trying to make was that this guy is usually overlooked compared to other action figures. He is just not like a Superman or a Batman with 1,000 versions of him.

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