NECA Universal Monsters Wolf-Man

As many of you know NECA has the rights to Universal Monsters and they have so far released two versions of Frankenstein’s Monster from the original and have teased others and one of those teases was the Wolf-Man and now they have fully revealed him!

I have to say I am really surprised with the Wolf-man figure and I am really impressed with all his accessories. Especially with the Lawrence Talbot parts, they really took me by surprise with those. This figure looks absolutely excellent and incredibly well-detailed. Also, the likeness to Lon Chaney Jr is absolutely excellent. I can understand that they have given him a stand to help with some of the werewolf poses. Here’s the press release from NECA:

For the 80th anniversary of Universal’s horror film classic, NECA is excited to reveal The Wolf Man in Ultimate action figure form!

Starring Lon Chaney Jr., 1941’s The Wolf Man is critically acclaimed for Chaney’s moving performance and the special effects. The sculpt captures the human and monster sides of this complicated character with interchangeable heads, hands, and lower legs. The figure stands in 7” scale, features the authorized likeness of Lon Chaney Jr, and also includes wolf cane, animal trap, and stand accessories.

Display-friendly window box packaging with opening front flap.

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