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NECA Universal Monsters Ultimate Dracula Accessory Set.

NECA has recently just revealed the Ultimate Dracula Accessory set which they showed off at San Diego Comi-Con earlier this year. Now NECA has released a gallery showcasing the accessory set and Dracula himself.

The accessory set includes a coffin, armadillo, opossum, large spider, and cricket in a coffin. All the accessories look fantastic and look to be made with the color version of Dracula in mind. I haven’t yet seen the film so I really don’t know the relevance of the spider, armadillo, opossum, and cricket but I am guessing that some of these are different forms of Dracula.

This set is going to be released in January of next year and it’s already up for pre-order in the States already and at the time of writing it’s not available to pre-order in the UK yet. I am really looking forward to Dracula and I am quite tempted to get this set.

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