NECA Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster Accessory Set Revealed!

Last night NECA revealed an accessory set for the Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster figure which comes with four accessories that would make a great addition to your Frankenstein display. You get an interchangeable bandaged head, laboratory table, blanket, and a torch.

All of the accessories look great, I particularly like the laboratory table and the bandaged head, though all four accessories are great. It looks like the head can be used with either the color or black and white versions of the Monster. I do wonder how the table works, I reckon that the binds peg in out of the table itself so you can put the figure on the table without damaging either the figure or table. The torch accessory works very well with the Monster’s frightened head as everyone knows how much he is scared of fire.

The gallery that NECA has revealed really showcases the accessories well and I would definitely consider getting the set as I already have the color Frankenstein’s Monster in my collection, hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before Igor and The Bride join the line…

The set is up for pre-order from many e-retailers but it isn’t yet here in the UK yet but I expect it will in the coming days.

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