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NECA Ultimate Universal Monsters Invisible Man Revealed!

Last night NECA fully revealed the following figure in the Universal Monsters Ultimate line which is none other than the Invisible Man! NECA had shown teaser images before but now they have uncovered a gallery and full product details for the figure!

The Invisible Man wears a suit that he wears in a part of the film. It’s not the iconic dressing gown look, though I could definitely see it being another release as either an Ultimate figure or part of an accessory set. The Invisible Man comes with plenty of accessories including a noseless and goggle-free head, half-covered head, wig, goggles, nose, invisible formula, notebook, and interchangeable hands.

I really enjoy the Invisible Man film I think it’s terrific for the time it was released. I really love all three of the heads and I would have a hard time deciding what head I would display him with. I think I would have to go with the half-covered one as it looks so ingenious and inventive! And hides the ball joint very well. Posing the figure with no head or hands looks a ton of fun as well!

The figure is scheduled to be released this November and is up for pre-order now!

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