NECA Ultimate T-1000 from ‘Terminator 2’ Coming Soon

I’m really pleased that we haven’t got long to wait until NECA releases their Ultimate T-1000 and Sarah Connor figures from Terminator 2. Both will be released early next year to commemorate Terminator 2: Judgment Day‘s 25th anniversary.

Just yesterday, NECA officially announced the T-1000, revealing the figure in full with the accessories that he comes with.

The sculpt, much like the original T-1000 figure(s) that they released some years ago, still looks absolutely fantastic along with the paint job. I know it’s the wrong gun he’s holding, but that’s just for the gallery and will be corrected in the final release. One element of the figure that I really like, aside the added articulation, is that he has an interchangeable chest piece, similar to the Terminator: Genisys figure that NECA recently released.

The likeness to Robert Patrick is fantastic on all the headsculpts and I really like the liquid metal accessories that he comes with; They are essential and the damaged chest piece is a brilliant touch.

This figure is scheduled to be released early next year. SRP for this figure is $25.99, but if you’re interested in it here’s a pre-order for just $19.99.

Ultimate T-1000 Gallery

By Nick Lenihan

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