NECA Ultimate Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Packaging!

Happy Halloween Michael

At SDCC this year NECA revealed that they have the license to Halloween 2018 when they unveiled the figure of Michael Myers.

Since then they have shown the gallery and revealed that they’ll be making a  Laurie Strode Ultimate figure as well to join Michael in the near future.

Now Michael is about to be released as NECA have revealed the final packaging for The Shape. As you can see NECA are using the official poster artwork for the cover which is a great choice.

As you can see Michael comes with plenty of accessories including a knife, hammer, fire poker, a victims head, light-up jack-o-lantern, tombstone, interchangeable head, and hands.

There’s no doubt about it, this figure looks outstanding. I love the worn look to the mask it looks very well detailed. the victims carved severed head looks particularly gruesome and horrific. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’ve heard that he does get an eye injury during the film hence why he comes with a second head.

I’ve noticed as well that some of Michael’s hands are bloody which is a great touch, we don’t get many figures with clean and bloody hands. The weapons look highly detailed and the light up jack-0-lantern is fantastic. Not only can you use it for Michael but any other horror-themed characters too!

The tombstone looks highly detailed as well.

This figure looks incredible and is an absolute must-have if you’re a fan of the new Halloween film and/or a fan of  NECA’s horror figures. It’s great that NECA has given him the Ultimate treatment and now he can stand on your display amongst all the other horror icons.


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