NECA Trick R’Treat Ultimate Sam

The Newest Cult Classic Horror Icon get’s the Ultimate treatment!

One of my favorite horror movies in recent years is Trick ‘R Treat which is a great Halloween themed horror anthology film and the real star of the show is it’s mascot Sam.

After watching the film i hunted high and low to get the Cult Classics release and I am very happy that I have it in my collection, though I was also hoping that NECA would get the license again and give the figure a big update.

At Toy Fair earlier this year NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing a retro style Sam (which looks great by the way) and NECA did hint that a Ultimate figure is in the works and then last night they revealed the Ultimate Sam figure and he looks absolutely fantastic!

As you can see Sam is now fully articulated (including an articulated jaw!) and will be in scale with his NECA 7′ Ultimate counterparts as he’ll stand 5″ tall which will be just a bit taller than NECA’s Ultimate Chucky figures.

Accessory wise San will come with 4 interchangeable heads, 2 Jack O Lanterns (one lights up!), interchangeable hand, severed hand, trick or treat sack, lollipop, and candy bar knife. I should mention that the Blazing Jack O Lantern uses button cell batteries, which are included included.

Now, this really is an ultimate figure as Sam comes with everything he uses and how his appearance changed during the finale of the film. I didn’t expect him to come with four heads and I am very happy that he does. Having the candy eating burlap sack head is a fun. With all these heads he comes with I think I need more than one!

The original Sam figure came with the sharp lollipop and candy bar knife as well as the sack, unmasked head and the two Jack Lanterns. So the additional heads and hands (including the severed one really push this as an Ultimate release as Sam comes with so much!

There’s no doubt about it this figure is an absolute must-have for me, and I can guess the same for the many Trick ‘R Treat fans. I also personally think this is one of NECA’s finest releases this year. Finally, I should add this figure will be released in September of this year and will cost around $26.99.

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