NECA ToyFair 2022 Night 3 Reveals

On Sunday night NECA revealed more figures during their online Toy Fair event. Here is what they revealed.

  • More TMNT reveals from The Fwoosh
  • Gargoyles reveals from Toy Shiz
  • Toony Terrors An American Werewolf in London
  • Predator 2 Lost Tribe Ultimate Shaman Predator

There weren’t as many reveals last night as there were the other nights, I think that’s because there were a number of TMNT reveals and a few Gargoyle reveals. The TMNT reveals were:

  • Cartoon: Rock Soldier & Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang 2-Pack
  • Cartoon: Zack “The Fifth Turtle” & Smash 2-Pack
  • Cartoon: Usagi Yojimbo Ultimate figure
  • Mirage Comics: Fugutoid
  • Mirage Comics: Utrom
  • Mirage Comics: Rennet (IDW Remaster Colors)
  • Mirage Comics: Casey Jones Teaser
  • The Last Ronin: Fully Outfitted Turtel
  • The Last Ronin: Shirtless Turtle
  • Archie Comics: Slash
  • Archie Comics: Ray Fillet/Man Ray
  • Archie Comics: Jagwar & Dreadmon
  • Turtle Van Teaser

Most of these I don’t know much about at all as I don’t recall watching the cartoons as a kid and I wasn’t reading the comics either as they were before my time and I was too young. Though I really like the look of the Last Ronin Turtle (both versions) and they seem to come with a lot of accessories as well and I would love to see how they’ll release these figures. To see images of the figures check out The Fwoosh I should note that the Rock Soldier & Crooked Ninja Turtle Goon 2-pack will be available to pre-order from The NECA Store tomorrow.

Then the Youtube channel Toy Shiz revealed three of the upcoming Gargoyles figures which are Lexington, Broadway, Hudson and Brooklyn. NECA has only released one Gargoyle at the moment Goliath with the rest coming soon. Hopefully sooner than later, though I cannot deny they look like fantastic figures.

Then there was another Toony Terrors reveal with an American Werewolf in London 2-pack which still looks terrifying in cartoon form, especially in the decomposing Jack figure looks rather gruesome.

The last reveal NECA made was the Ultimate Shaman Predator from Predator 2 and damn he looks very impressive. I absolutely love the biomask it looks terrifying and will instill a sense of fear into his prey. It looks so unique and he comes with some unique weapons as well such as the serrated knife with a bone handle and the axe with the blade going through a human skull. This figure is definitely on my radar and I cannot wait for the full reveal and the packaging art too!

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