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NECA Toy Fair 2022 – First Night

Yesterday NECA kicked off their Toy Fair 2022 online event due to Covid-19. NECA will be doing reveals all weekend long! They revealed a number of figures from their biggest licenses and they are.

  • Toony Terrors Halloween III Silver Shamrock Masked Kids
  • TMNT Cartoon 18″Leonardo
  • TMNT The Last Ronin Teaser
  • Bride of Chucky Dolls Packaging
  • Universal Monsters The Mummy Accessory Set
  • Krampus Demonic Toys
  • Retro 75′ Elton John

NECA revealed these products on their various social media platforms. I should note that the Mummy accessory images are from Action Figure Insider. As you could see NECA revealed a number of products from TMNT, horror, and another personality for their growing Retro line. They started their reveal with the next 18″ Cartoon Turtle and it’s Leonardo who joins his brothers Donatello and Raphael. He comes with similar accessories as his brothers and some of his own, though he is not up for pre-order yet I expect he will be soon.

Staying on the subject of Turtles they dropped a teaser for the Last Ronin Turtle figure, I know NECA has been hinting that they’ll be doing actual comic book TMNT figures again and this is a good way to start the line with a figure from the most recent comic book run. Hopefully, more details will be revealed soon as to when this figure will be released. I myself would love to get this figure.

I have to say I was very surprised that NECA is doing a Retro figure of Elton John from 1975 from his iconic and sell-out show at the Dodger’s Stadium. I don’t think Elton has had many collectibles made outside of Funko Pops so this is a very pleasant surprise for Elton’s fans. I’m really surprised that he comes with scaled piano and all the props that come with it as well as interchangeable heads and hands. Which makes this somewhat like an Ultimate release. It’s a very impressive piece and the likeness to Elton is great and his costume is well detailed too. With all the accessories that he comes with, I would imagine he would cost around $80.00. I also do wonder if we’ll get other figures of Elton in his other iconic outfits as well. On that note, I do wonder if similar plans are in place for a certain Mistress of The Dark…

Back on the subject of horror, NECA revealed the packaging art for the Bride of Chucky life-size dolls which have been in the works for the last few years. NECA has said these are closer to release but they aren’t quite ready yet. Hopefully, a release date will be announced soon. Then there was the reveal of the kids from Halloween III Season of the Witch in the masks. This was a nice surprise and I know that the other figures NECA has released based on Season of The Witch have gone down well so it makes sense for them to join the Toony Terrors line.

NECA has been teasing Universal Monsters Accessory sets for a while now and it looks like the Mummy is first. He’ll come with his sarcophagus as well as the chest that holds the box. These are fantastic accessories, especially the sarcophagus which looks absolutely amazing and a must-have. I know these accessories along with the figure will look amazing on display. It makes me wonder if they have similar plans for Frankenstein’s Monster. I hope we see more Universal Monsters reveals this weekend.

Then finally there was the teaser I was most excited about the monstrous toys from Krampus. I am not entirely sure if they’ll be coming with him or released in their own pack. I can see the angel, the jack in the box, the robot, the teddy bear, and the gingerbread men. They all look very faithful to their appearance in the film and I am glad that this figure is happening. I cannot wait to get the figure(s) and put them on display with Sam.

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