NECA Toy Fair 2020 Reveals Part 1

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

Back To The Future Ultimate Figures

Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises from Toy Fair this year was NECA announcing that they have the Back To The Future license and not only that, they’ll be releasing Ultimate figures from the films as well. It’s unclear if they have the license to the sequels but I think it’s mostly certain that they have!

Anywho the first two Ultimate figures are Hazmat Suit Marty McFly and 85′ Marty McFly. Undoubtedly we’ll get figures of Doc Brown (who has to come with Einstein) and possibly a 55′ Marty as well.

I’m definitely going to snap these figures up as I’m a big fan of the Back To The Future series and it’s a complete shocker that NECA is releasing figures from the film as we’ve been told by NECA it wasn’t possible and this weekend they reveal they have the license! Dreams really do come true.

I have to say the likeness to Michael J. Fox is absolutely excellent and the detailing is incredible in both and I cannot wait for these to hit store shelves later this year!

Toony Terrors Series 4

NECA’s Toony Terrors line has been a big hit with fans and just towards the tail end of last year NECA revealed series 3 and now they’ve revealed the lineup for Series 4 which consists of The Exorcists Regan, Trick R Treat Sam, Beetlejuice and Victor Crowley from the Hatchet series.

I really do like the designs of these as they incorporate the important elements of the characters which makes them instantly recognizable but in a cartoony design which works really well. Especially for Beetlejuice and Sam, they look fantastic in this style. I do love the accessories that they come with too like the puke spray that comes with Regan and the interchangeable head for Sam.

It’s unclear when these figures will be released but I’m sure it’ll be released in the summer of this year.

Animated Bill & Ted, Back To the Future, Ace Ventura & Bob Ross

It looks like NECA are expanding their Toony Terrors line into a more traditional animated format. I know that in the early ’90s there was animated series based on Back To The Future and Bill and Ted and I vaguely remember the Ace Ventura TV Series. Though I’m not too familiar as to where the animated Bob Ross comes from though I really like the design of it.

I think it’s awesome that they are releasing the Delorean from the Back To The Future Animated Series. The Bill and Ted animated figures look excellent!

Defenders of The Earth

Talking about another cartoon property, it was a real surprise for NECA to show off that they are doing action figures based on Defenders of the Earth cartoon series. It was very much before my time but I do recognize Flash Gordon and The Phantom. The detailing on these figures look absolutely excellent akin to their convention exclusive DC figures that they released last year. I’m sure in time we’ll know more of this property and I wonder what other niche comic book characters NECA could release down the line.

Ultimate Scream Ghostface

The actual figure wasn’t shown off at the event but the box was hinting at the figure’s release sometime later this year.

Ultimate It Chapter II Pennywise

Undoubtedly NECA did a fantastic job with its It Chapter I Pennywise figure with so many ultimate versions there wasn’t any doubt that they would not have the license for Chapter 2. I know that the costume is slightly different from how it appeared in Chapter 1.

Retro Victor Crowley

One other new license that NECA announced is that they have the Hatchet license as I’ve already written about the Toony Terror Victor Crowley. Though that’s not the only figure NECA is producing of the character. They are releasing a Retro version too. I’m not a big fan of the Hatchet series but I have to say the figure looks fantastic. The detailing in the sculpt is phenomenal.

Accessory wise Victor comes with his titular hatchet and a belt sander.

Retro Scream Ghostface

To coincide with the announcement of the Ultimate Ghostface it makes sense for NECA to re-release the Retro Ghostface that originally came out a few years ago which now goes for crazy money on the secondary market. I don’t think this figure will be any different from the original figure as the accessories are exactly the same and there’s no listing of the figure having updated articulation. Even though, if you missed out on the original release which I know many fans have this is a great chance to get your hands on the figure again.

Retro John Nada

Last year NECA revealed that they had the rights to John Carpenter’s They Live when they revealed they’ll be releasing a Retro Male and Female Alien two-pack. Just before Toy Fair NECA dropped a little teaser image of a Retro John Nada figure which made a lot of fans (including myself) extremely happy!

The likeness to the late great Roddy Piper is absolutely fantastic! I’m not sure if the sunglasses are removable but they look like they will be. Of course, Nada comes with his shotgun and pistol to take on the alien menace. This figure is a must-have for me and many fans of They Live!

Retro Jaws Sheriff Brody and Quint

I know fans of Jaws have been pining for action figures from the film over the years, especially in the last few years. We’ve had some figures over the years from McFarlane Toys and Funko. Now NECA has the license and they are producing 8-inch retro figures of two of the main characters Sheriff Brody and Quint.

Undoubtedly the likenesses to Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw are incredible! I’m especially amazed by the likeness to Robert Shaw it’s uncanny! The outfits are well fitted and don’t look oversized at all. Each figure comes with plenty of screen accurate accessories from the films.

NECA has said that they’ll be releasing a Bruce the shark as well to accompany the figures and these will be hitting store shelves in September of this year.

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