NECA Toony Terrors Herbert West Packaging & Gargoyles Demona Update

On the second and third night of NECA’s 31 Nights of Fright event, they gave us an update on the Toony Terrors Herbet West Packaging and a gallery of the Gargoyles Demona figure. The sixth wave of the Toony Terrors looked pretty stacked and now NECA has given us a look at the packaging for the Herbert West and the other reveal was an updated look at Demona who was first revealed earlier this year.

I know many fans myself included are looking forward to the NECA Gargoyles line. Though the only trouble that I have based in the UK is that the NECA Gargoyles are very difficult to find to pre-order anywhere in the UK. The first figure is Goliath and Demona is the second figure in the line and the gallery really showcases the figure very well. Hopefully, they will be available to pre-order here in the UK soon as I would love to start collecting this line! Check out the Herbert West Toony Terrors and the Gargoyles Demona Gallery down below.

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