NECA TMNT X Universal Monsters Raphael as The Wolfman.

Last year during SDCC NECA showed off some of their upcoming TMNT products, and amongst the new stuff was some of their TMNT X Universal Monsters collection, and Raphael as The Wolfman was on display. Along with the recently announced/available Leonardo as The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

When I saw the new Raph and Leo figures on display, I wanted both of them. Raphael especially as the design is so unique. Just yesterday NECA released a photo gallery and made the figure available to pre-order at various retailers. The gallery showcases the figure incredibly well and shows off all the little details throughout the figure.

The combination of Raphael and The Wolfman works perfectly together. You can see the torn clothes match the colors of The Wolfman and one of the sias has the wolf head cane incorporated into the hilt of it. On his shell, he has the star symbol on it and it has a fur-like texture which is just awesome! It’s great that he comes with an array of interchangeable hands to get him in all sorts of poses; stalking, holding his sais, or howling at the moon!

Both heads look incredible, especially the more wolf-like headsculpt with the gnashing teeth and scowl and the hair on top of his head. The figure is expected to come out soon in the States, and hopefully, it won’t be too long till they release here in the UK.

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