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NECA TMNT Movie SDCC Exclusive Teasers

This past week NECA has dropped some SDCC Exclusive Teasers for their TMNT Movie figures. The first was Keno with his pizza moped. The other reveal was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III teaser of the four turtles in their Samurai get-ups.

The Keno figure has been teased for months and I know many fans have been looking forward to this one and he does look excellent. The likeness to Ernie Reyes Jr. is fantastic. I thought they would do TMNT III Turtle figure at some point as they’ve done figures for the first two films. It stings that their first release will be SDCC exclusives with no release date set for a wide release. We’re still waiting for a wide release of the TMNT II Secret of The Ooze Turtles outside of being exclusive to Walmart. So it’ll be a while before we see these ones hit shelves, unfortunately.

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