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NECA TMNT II: Secret of The Ooze Shredder update.

Earlier this week NECA revealed a gallery for the upcoming TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze Shredder figure which they first revealed last year. The gallery showcases the figure and all the different accessories that he’ll come with. His look isn’t that different from his look in the first film, the only differences are the head sculpt, no bladed hands, and the color of his costume.

The head sculpt looks brand new as the scarring looks different and the helmet looks different with the circle saw edges on his helmet. This Shredder comes with some new accessories what with the polearm, sword, and sheath, a bunch of flowers, a TGRI canister, and a small vial of ooze. As well as some interchangeable hands.

I haven’t seen the film in full but I know what Shredder looks like in the film and it’s very accurate to the film. The figure does look fantastic, I especially love the new head sculpt which again comes with a removable face mask. He looks even more scarred after the ending of the first film. I really like how you can have the sword sheath on his belt whilst he’s wielding it which is how I would most likely display him.

This figure doesn’t have a release date as of yet and is expected to be a Walmart exclusive this summer for a limited time before getting a wide release. I’ll definitely be getting my hands on this one and I’ll just have to wait for next year for my Tokka and Rahzar two-pack to arrive and for the turtles to get a wide release in two-packs.

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