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NECA TMNT II Secret of The Ooze Celebration Pre-Orders.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) NECA is putting up some old and new products from TMNT II Secret of The Ooze, They are re-releasing the Tokka & Rahzar two-pack and they are also releasing a SOTO Four-Pack which contains the four turtles based on their appearance in the SOTO and a SOTO Themed Accessory Pack.

The Tokka & Rahzar two-pack was released about two years ago and I missed out on that release so I hope that I can get this two-pack and I have a two-week window to get it. The Turtle four-pack comes in VHS style packaging and if you miss out on it there’s no fret as they will release these figures in two packs. Then there’s the Accessory pack which is essential if you get the four-pack of figures or plan on picking up the SOTO two-packs when they are released sometime in the future.

I really love the look of the Tokka and Rahzar two-pack and I hope to get it this time as both figures look fantastic. I plan on picking up the SOTO Turtle two-packs and the SOTO Shredder which will be coming out at some point in the coming months. The Turtles come with their weapons as well as some other accessories that they used in the film. These figures look mostly the same with some slight differences in the sculpt and a different paint job on all of them.

In the accessory set, you get alternate heads for the turtles, a payphone, Tokka and Rahzar (pre-mutation) a keytar, apron, mop, pizza, suitcase, old school computer, drink cups, foodstuffs, and a broken TGRI canister.

You’ll get two weeks to order these items from the NECA Store and the four pack would cost $150, the accessory set will cost $60 and the Tokka & Rahzar two pack will cost $80 and they will ship internationally.

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