NECA TMNT 1990 Series 2

1990 TMNT Series 2 Coming Soon

Last year NECA re-released their SDCC 1990 TMNT figures exclusively available at Gamestop. They sold like hotcakes before they released them internationally I couldn’t find the turtles at all.

Now NECA is re-releasing last year’s SDCC Splinter set as individual figures available at Gamestop this spring. The four figures in this wave are Splinter, Shredder, Foot Soldier (blade weapons) and Foot Soldier (melee weapons)

Of course like the first series there won’t be as many accessories as there would be with the SDCC release and this looks to be the same case for Series 2 as well. Each figure comes with a good wealth of accessories and I am happy to see that Shredder comes with his cape in the packaging. He also comes with some weapons and a removable mask. I really like Foot Soldiers and I would be really tempted to get a number of them to go against my Turtles!

I’m definitely going to get these and thankfully they’ve already been announced to be sold internationally as Star Action Figures already have them up for pre-order to be released in May, though that may change!

Look for these figures in Gamestop next month if you’re based in the US, these are fantastic looking figures and are must-haves for Turtle fans.

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