NECA TMNT 1990 Foot Soldier & Splinter and Shredder Two-Packs Up for Pre-Order from The NECA store.

If your being following this site for a while you know how popular the NECA TMNT 1990 line is and how sought after some of the figures are. Last year NECA revealed a series of two-packs from the film including a Foot Soldier two-pack, Shredder and Splinter, and Casey Jones and Raphael (in disguise). In the States, these were Walmart exclusives as well as being available on the various NECA stores.

As these two-packs have been very popular NECA is re-releasing two of them which are the Foot soldier two-pack and the Splinter and Shredder ones. These two-packs are slightly different from the individual releases as these come with some new accessories. In the Splinter and Shredder one, you get some interchangeable hands for Splinter as well as some slippers for him and a different slice of pizza. For the Foot soldier two-pack, you get a weapon stand for the weapons that they come with.

They haven’t re-released the Casey Jones and Raphael two-pack but I am sure that they’ll release it again sometime down the line. The only two-pack that I’m interested in getting is the Foot soldier one as I already have the other characters and I have the Casey Jones two-pack. And I would love to build the Foot soldier figures to have a good number of them behind Shredder on display which would look awesome!

I should mention that these sets are priced at $51.99 and are available to pre-order now till the 12th of February. Pre-order them at The NECA Store.

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