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NECA TMNT 1990 Figures Hitting International Stores!

TMNT goes International!

Just a few months ago NECA revealed that the arcade TMNT figures will be hitting the rest of the globe in August/September of this year. Now NECA have revealed that the much sought after 1990 TMNT figures will be hitting the international market as well.

I was really excited about the arcade figures being available in the UK and I’m absolutely overjoyed that the 1990 TMNT figures will be available too! In my previous trips to the US this year I had a very hard time finding the 1990 TMNT figures in Gamestop. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering these figures in the next few months as I really want these figures.

If you too missed out on the Gamestop ones this is a great second chance to get these figures and if your a TMNT fan I wouldn’t hesitate on picking up these figures.

I should mention that these figures should be available to buy from various retailers between September/December and are available to pre-order now..

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