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NECA The Boys Homelander and Starlight Preview.

On Christmas Eve NECA dropped official teaser images of two of their upcoming action figures from the Boys line. The first two figures that they’ll be releasing are Homelander and Starlight. At this point in time, it’s unclear if NECA has plans to continue this line and I know the TV series is very successful so I have high hopes for this line.

Both of these figures look fantastic in their preview images which showcases some of the figure’s accessories. The Homelander and Starlight figures look absolutely excellent and I am so stoked that they are coming with fabric capes and not plastic ones as these look fantastic. These images showcase some of the accessories that the figures come with such as interchangeable heads as Starlight and the Homelander heads that we have been shown have them using their powers and the figures are guaranteed to come with interchangeable heads.

We are still waiting for more details of these figures such as their accessories and if they have plans to continue the line beyond these two figures and most importantly when they’ll be released. I for one would love to get these figures.

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