NECA Terminator Dark Fate Figures!

NECA reveal that they have the Terminator Dark Fate by revealing a Sarah Connor and a T-800 figure from the upcoming film.

I suspected that NECA had the license to Terminator Dark Fate when they shared the trailer reveal on their social media accounts, even though at the time they had no products to show for it.

Now were over a month from SDCC NECA revealed prototype images of the Sarah Connor and T-800 figures from the upcoming film and I don’t doubt we’ll get a better look at these figures at SDCC next month.

Even though these are just prototypes I have to say the likenesses to Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are absolutely excellent. I really do love the sunglasses head for Sarah Connor it’s such an iconic look. The figures look exactly look their counterparts from the film. What’s really great about these figures is that you can stand these two figures to their Terminator 2 Judgment Day counterparts.

I should mention that these figures will be fully articulated and they’ll come with alternate heads and a small arsenal of weapons each.

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