NECA Teases Back to The Future Part II Griff Tannen figure!

Hey Old Man!

Last night NECA dropped a teaser for another Back To The Future Part II figure. The teaser image of a figure is holding a retractable baseball bat makes it very clear that the figure will be Griff Tannen.

I’m a big fan of the NECA Back To The Future Ultimate figures and after the hint of a 2015 Doc Brown last week and now Griff is happening I am very excited for the future of this line! I’ve only got the 85′ Marty and 2015 Marty at the moment and I’m definitely looking to get more of them especially the 55′ Biff and Doc Brown!

I expect this figure will come with an interchangeable head, the pit bull hoverboard, and the retractable baseball bat. I haven’t seen the film recently so I’ll have to watch it again to look at what other accessories he’ll come with. Hopefully, more details on this figure will be revealed soon!

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