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NECA TARGET Exclusive TMNT Series 2 Figures Revealed!

The NECA TMNT line continues to grow!

Just the other day NECA announced that you’ll be able to now get the NECA figures on the Target website and you don’t have to hunt in all the stores anymore!

To go along with this announcemnt NECA also revealed that TMNT Series 2 are up for pre-order on the site too. For those who don’t know the Target Exclusive TMNT figures are based on the animated series, the Gamestop ones based on the 1990 movie and the comic book store and retailer ones are based on the video games.

I didn’t pick up any of the figures in Series 1 as I didn’t have that much luck finding them on the Target store shelves when I tried to find them. Due to the difficulty of finding those figures, NECA has re-released them in Series 2 as the four turtles have different paint decos which is more accurate to the marketing and how they looked in the cartoon series. The turtles come together in two packs so if you just wanted to buy the turtles you would only have to buy two of the two packs.

As you can see that you get a lot of accessories in each of the two packs for each of the characters. The two packs are as following:

Of course, as you can imagine I am in for all these! Though at the moment I am not entirely sure when they’ll be released. Even though it says sold out on the site they aren’t actually available to pre-order yet they are just place holder pages to showcase the items. Though I’m sure they’ll be up for pre-order closer to their release date sometime early next year.

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  1. Pete Peters

    They aren’t up for pre-order. They’re landing pages. They aren’t sold out. They haven’t been made available at all yet. This article is late on the news about these website listings AND misinformed.

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