NECA T-800 Terminator Tanker Truck Pursuit Figure Review

Continuing on with the Terminator reviews we have the T-800. Join me for a look at the NECA T-800 Terminator Tanker Truck Pursuit Figure Review!

I was actually going to watch the Terminator on Netflix last night on the “watch instantly” thing. In the end, I ended up watching Robocop instead. I love that movie. Did anyone ever notice how the instant watch on Netflix has just about no movies? I just noticed that last night. They should have  all movies available to watch instantly. Who wants to wait until you get the movie in the mail anyways?

Let’s just get back to the review before I get all heated up about Netflix again.

Other figures that may be of interest to you are the Kyle Reese figure and the T-1000 (liquid nitrogen) figure.


The packaging for this guy is pretty much the same that we saw for Kyle Reese. It is a clamshell style package with a little extra bit of card sticking out to the side. It is a nice little change that NECA did. It allows for some more graphics, which are always welcome in my book. The bubble is big and features the figure nicely. On the left side, you get an upper torso shot of the Terminator and also some text about it.

On the back of the packaging, you get a big picture of the figure and then a pretty good bio about the figure. Below that you can see the Endoskeleton and Kyle Reese.

Overall I like the packaging and really enjoy that the clamshell sees a little bit of a change.


I love the sculpt for this guy. The sculpt may be what saves this figures as a whole. He has a ton of details on him. His jacket and pants have a bunch of wrinkles making it look like they are really baggy. You can see all of the seams and buttons on all of his clothing. You can also see the zippers on his jacket. His clothing looks great.

I also love the battle damage. I am always a fan of battle damage and I feel that NECA really did it well on this guy. He has a bunch of bullet holes in his clothing and then he has the damage on his face and you can see the metal coming through. Both of his hands have scrapes on them. The only thing that you could say that might be missing is there is no battle damage on his lower limbs.

He comes with 2 heads, a battle damaged one and a regular one. I’m not really a fan of the normal one. Maybe I’m just biased. He also comes with 2 weapons that have some pretty nice details on them.

Overall I am impressed with the sculpt for this guy.


I also think that the paint on this guy was done pretty well on this guy. It defiantly complements the great sculpt. His jacket is black but it has a kind of a brown wash on it when you get close to him. His pants also have a dirty blackish wash to them if you look closely at him.

The only think that I see where there was a little bit of a mistake is the zipper on the front of the jacket. The silver paint is a little bit wavy but nothing too bad. I don’t think there is really anything that you need to watch for on this guy.


Some of you guys may not mind about lower limb articulation but I hate when there is none. Like Kyle Reese this guy has none besides swivel ankles. For a full round-up of articulation this guy has:

  • Ball joint head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Swivel/hinge elbows
  • Ball joint wrists
  • Swivel waist
  • Swivel ankles

His head works way better than we saw with Kyle Reese. He can look up and down and side to side freely. He is missing the torso joint that Kyle had though but really it isn’t really anything that was useful. This guy would be pretty great with lower body articulation and it’s really sad that he has none.


Overall this guy was better than Kyle Reese was. The sculpt was great and the Paint did nothing but complement him even more. He would be absolutely amazing with lower body articulation, but what can you do? If you are a Terminator fan then you have no choice but to pick this guy up. If you just want to pick up some of the best figures that NECA puts out in each series then this guy might make that list.

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UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

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  1. I agree, I love the sculpt on the NECA T-800 Terminator. It’s actually one of the best I’ve seen in a Terminator action figure. Great review by the way.

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