NECA T-1000 Liquid Nitrogen Terminator Figure Review

The final figure for the Terminator series 3 by NECA that we have is the NECA T-1000 Liquid Nitrogen Terminator Figure Review. I was a little bit more excited about this figure when I saw him inside the packaging because he actually has some lower body articulation. Don’t get your hopes up too much though, it’s not that great. (Read on to see what I mean.)

I did realize why these figures don’t really have that much articulation, though. The other figures that NECA made under the Terminator license don’t have much articulation so it wouldn’t really make much sense to have super articulated figures at the of the Terminator line. It would be cool to have super articulated Terminator figures, but they just wouldn’t fit in with the other figures that NECA has already made.

In case you have missed the other Terminator figures that I have reviewed then you can check out the T-800 (Tanker Truck Pursuit) or the Kyle Reese figures by clicking on the respective links.


The packaging for this guy is similar to what we saw on Kyle and the t-800 except there is the Terminator 2 Judgment Day logo since this guy made his appearance in that movie. This package is also missing the terminator on the left side of the window with the text about him. It was a nice touch but it isn’t something that is really missed. The blister card is great for allowing you to be able to inspect the paint job of the figure before you buy him.

On the back of the blister card style packaging, you get a bio for the T-1000 Liquid Nitrogen Terminator and a nice image going down the left side. Below the bio you have small thumbnails of the Liquid Nitrogen Terminator, the Battle Across Time Terminator, and the Endoskeleton.

Overall the packaging is great and if you read my other Terminator reviews you know that I like the new style of the blister card that NECA did. It is always good to see some change from the same old same old.


The sculpt for this guy is pretty good just like the T-800. He has a ton of details sculpted all over his body. There are details sculpted on the police badge, details on the pockets, buttons, zippers, creases in the clothing, etc. There is defiantly no lack of detail on this figure.

One pretty awesome touch to this guy is the snow type white flakes all over his body. Some of the flakes have fallen off but it seems that most of them are attached to his body pretty good for the most part. I don’t think there will be a problem with them falling off anymore unless you handle him excessively.

There is really not much more to say about the sculpt as it’s almost flawless.


I love the metallic blueish paint that is covering just about the entire figure. It is all one shade of paint and there is no shading at all but I don’t think that it needs any at all. He is missing a little bit of paint around his neckline but I’m sure that all of the figures aren’t going to turn out like this.

Overall it is a pretty basic paint job that I don’t think needs much more than it already has.


So as I said earlier this guy is lacking a little bit of articulation but that is only so that he fits in with the earlier Terminator figures that NECA made. He has:

  • Ball joint head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Swivel/hinge elbows
  • Ball joint wrists
  • Swivel Waist
  • Swivel/hinge knees

He has great movement in his head joint and has full up and down and side to side movement. His arm joints work normally and aren’t restricted at all. His knee joints aren’t really what one would expect from swivel/hinge knees. They are basically there just for the swivel I think. I only really used the knee joints to swivel his feet to balance him. If you bend his knees he can’t really stand up.

I’m not really going to complain too much about the lacking articulation since he fits with the other 2 figures that were released in this same series.


Overall this guy is great. He is lacking in the articulation department but if you can get over that then you will love the paint and sculpt that this guy has to offer. The T-1000 and the T-800 and both figures that you should consider picking up for their sculpt alone. They are both fantastic.

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  1. I think the NECA T-1000 Liquid Nitrogen Terminator Figure has a solid sculpt overall. However I think the face is a little too thin. But overall, a solid sculpt. I give it an 8 out of a 10.

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