Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like … the Man of Steel?

NECA Superman and Muhammad Ali action figures 2 pack

In the late 70s, a comic book came out in which two extremely popular icons of the time clashed in combat. The first one was Superman, but the second was none other than the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali. See, an invading alien race called the Scrubb is set to invade Earth, unless our best fighter can beat theirs. Ali and Superman both step forward to represent Earth, so the Scrubb decide that first, those two should duke it out to see who really is Earth’s greatest fighter. But in order to keep it fair, Superman is de-powered. Ali is eventually victorious, meaning he now has to fight the Scrubb champion. Eventually, he and Superman are able to stop the alien invasion, and though Ali is able to figure out Superman’s true identity, he vows to keep it secret.

No, this is not made up. Well, thanks to the fine folks over at Nerdist, we now know that we are getting a set of Superman and Muhammad Ali action figures from NECA based on this comic.

Details on the Superman and Muhammad Ali Action Figures

Both figures will be 7 inches tall and painted to resemble their appearance in the comic book, including blue shades on their hair, gloves, and other areas, as was seen on the cover drawn by the legendary Neal Adams. In addition, both of them are fully articulated (with the Ali figure using a sculpt based off of NECA’s recent Rocky figures), which is great for recreating the famous fight. Or, if you think the Man of Steel would have rope-a-doped Ali, then you can create your own end for the fight. According to Nerdist, Superman’s a little less flexible than Ali, but he does come with a sweet fabric cape.


Right now, there are no pricing or pre-order details. The Superman and Muhammad Ali action figures are expected to ship in October, and prototypes will be on display at NECA’s Comic-Con booth. So if You’re in San Diego, stop by and check out the greatest boxing match of our time.

Figure Images: Nerdist / Comic Images: DC Comics

By Anders Clark

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