NECA Robocop Ultimate Alex Murphy

Earlier this year NECA revealed that they are expanding the Robocop line of figures beyond Robocop & ED-209. During SDCC they revealed Ultimate Alex Murphy. I was amazed when they showed it off and I was very impressed with all the accessories that he comes with as well. He even comes with the gruesome and gory interchangeable pieces when he’s mercilessly butchered and murdered by Clarence Boddicker and his gang.

The likeness to Peter Weller on all three heads is fantastic and incredibly life-like. The police uniform looks very accurate as well. The bloody bulletproof vest, interchangeable arm, and blood effects look incredible. What I’m even more impressed with is that you can recreate the gun trick he practices to impress his son with one of the interchangeable hands. I only learned that by looking closely at the back of the box packaging shot.

I should add that this figure is exclusively available on the NECA store as a bundle that comes with Alex Murphy’s OCP ID Card which is signed by Peter Weller. Though I don’t doubt that this figure will get a wider release much like the TMNT 1990 April O’Neil figure which was initially offered in a NECA store bundle and got a retail release a short while later. With Robocop still being as immensely popular as it ever was I can reckon this is the case.

It goes up for sale next Monday at noon EST. Hopefully, we’ll get some more Robocop characters in the ultimate line with Lewis & Clarence Boddicker being on the top of my list.

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