NECA RoboCop Spring Loaded Holster Figure Review

Today I bring to you one of NECA’s latest creations! Sit back and relax because here comes the NECA RoboCop Spring Loaded Holster Figure Review!

Other Robocop figures that NECA has also released are the regular 7″ Robocop, the 7″ battle damaged Robocop, and the 18″ Robocop. This spring-loaded holster Robocop has been long due and it is finally here! Let’s take a look.


The packaging for the Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop is the standard NECA clamshell packaging that we are used to seeing on just about everything from NECA. It is loved by many but also hated by some too. I tend to enjoy it for the most part. This one tends to be kind of boring.

On the front of the package, you can see the Robocop logo and get a good view of the figure inside the clamshell. You have a good chance to inspect the figure for bad paint in the store with the clamshell, which is really nice. There is no problem with this guy, though.

On the back of the package, you can see some elements from the Robocop movie and then toward the bottom you can see how the holster actually works. I would have liked to see more on the back of the package. It is definitely missing something.


The sculpt for this figure is spot on. While there isn’t much of the actual human skin showing on the figure, the one small area of his face is sculpted very nicely. Hidden just under the mask you can see his nose sticking out.

There are some nice fine details sculpted into his armor in some places. On his leg and helmet he has “OCP Police – 001” sculpted on. NECA did a fantastic job at capturing the character from the film from head to toe. Probably the second coolest thing on the figure is the pistons on the back of his ankles. They actually function when you move his ankles. How cool is that?

Robocop comes with 2 accessories. His auto-9 pistol and and swappable hand with a data spike. The hand is easily swappable, which is really nice for a change.


Pait on this figure is absolutely spot on too. NECA killed it. The silver armor has a metallic shine that looks really nice in the lights. The black paint has a nice gloss to it and goes nicely with the metallic silver. All the lines are straight and there is absolutely nothing to worry about here.


Articulation is similar to the other Robocop figures if you have picked up any of those. But if you haven’t then he has:

  • Ball joint neck
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Hinge elbows
  • Swivel at the forearms
  • Ball joint chest
  • Swivel at the waist
  • Ball joint hips
  • Hinge knees
  • Hinge ankles

His ball joint neck works very nicely and can move in all directions with no problems. He starts to have his problems with his shoulders and hips. His shoulders can reach above his head but you can’t go far straight out to his sides. His hips also have some problems due to the way that they are sculpted.

Given these problems with the articulation you can still get him in any of the iconic Robocop poses that you may want with a little bit of patience. Those working pistons on the ankles are just too dang cool!

Fun Factor

Since I haven’t mentioned the actual fun part of the figure yet, he has a spring loaded gun holster! Take a look at the video NECA put together on how to operate this guy:

So he has a spring loaded gun holster. Pretty cool right? It actually is. I havn’t had any problems with it popping open on me or anything like that. It’s a really cool action feature and defiantly adds to the fun factor. I kind of have big fingers and its kind of hard for me to get the gun in and out but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.


Overall I love this figure. He is a lot of fun. Everything on him is easy to work. His hand is easy to change out and his spring loaded holster works nicely. The only thing that I would change would be the articulation. I can’t say what needs to be done if anything can even be done at all without sacrificing the awesome sculpt. Overall a great figure and I would recommend picking up this guy even if you have the other Robocop figures.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for this NECA Robocop action figure.

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