NECA Reveals & Pre-Orders Update

After Toyfair. NECA has revealed more details on some of the figures they have revealed and has put them up for pre-order and to my surprise some of them are available to pre-order here in the UK now. NECA has shown more galleries for and put pre-orders up for the following items

  • Predator 2 The Lost Tribe Ultimate Shaman Predator
  • Predator Concrete Jungle: Stoneheart Predator
  • Universal Monsters X TMNT Michaelangelo The Mummy
  • Universal Monsters Mummy Accessory Set
  • TMNT The Last Ronin Turtle
  • TMNT The Last Ronin Shirtless Turtle
  • TMNT Archie Comics Slash
  • TMNT Mirage Comics Renet
  • Retro Elton John
  • Gremlins Accessory Set
  • Ultimate ALF

Being in the UK I am quite surprised by the price of some of these figures especially the price of Shaman Predator which costs about £45 now in the UK. Most of the Ultimates are about £40 too. Though these will still be a bit cheaper in the States. What is surprising is that have put ALF up for pre-order even though they didn’t show anything at Toy Fair for him or the license. I have to admit even though I personally don’t know that much about the character I have to say this figure does look excellent and I love all the accessories that he comes with which makes me want to get the figure.

I’m quite gobsmacked by the price of the 75′ Elton John figure, then again it does come with a scaled piano and a number of accessories so I can understand it. It’s nice to get a better look at the Universal Monsters Mummy set which looks great and the more images of Michaelangelo the Mummy I see the more I want to get it. On the subject of Turtles NECA showed off more images of the Last Ronin figures which look absolutely excellent and come stacked with loads of accessories.

The Gremlins accessory set looks fantastic, the only gripe that I can think about is that to get more of the cacoons you will have to buy more packs which is a bit of a shame. The TMNT comic figures look great and they probably look great for fans but I personally don’t have that much interest in them as I don’t know all that much about the comics.

The two Predator figures look great, especially the Shaman as he was one of the my favorite Predator 2 figures that I still have in my collection and this Ultimate release looks fantastic especially all the extra accessories such as the masked head, axe and knife they look amazing. All of these figures will be released sometime later this year.

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