NECA Reveal Really Expensive But Awesome Life-Size Alien Egg and Facehugger

NECA had a big surprise to reveal last Friday and they weren’t kidding! They revealed a life-size Alien Egg and Facehugger. This replica is based on how the eggs appeared in Aliens.

I honestly didn’t see this coming at all and it looks simply incredible. In my eyes it looks absolutely fantastic, very much like film prop; both the Egg and Facehugger look amazing. The scale is absolutely perfect.They are beautifully painted and sculpted. I should note that the egg is made of foam and the switch for the light up feature is in the base.

What I do really love is that the egg has a light up feature and can open and close. Not only that, but the Facehugger has a bendable tail so you can pose it anywhere inside the egg, or hiding somewhere ready to leap out on an unsuspecting prey! You certainly could have a lot of fun with these.

The Egg and Facehugger are now available at Entertainment Earth for the best price I could find. It’ll cost $428.99 and will be released in the March of next year. This is a must have if you’re a fan of Aliens and can afford it.

Life-Size Alien Egg Gallery

By Nick Lenihan

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