NECA Retro Bride of Chucky Two-Pack Details.

Earlier this year NECA revealed that they would be doing a Retro Bride of Chucky two-pack and now they have revealed more details and a gallery showcasing the two figures. I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Bride of Chucky and I even bought the Walmart Exclusive Bride of Chucky Ultimate Chucky figure as I love that design and that figure so much! So I am very stoked to see them in the Retro format!

These two characters work so well in the Retro Format as they are essentially dolls so it’s perfect! They implement soft goods so well, the only plastic pieces of clothing I can see are their shoes and the top of Tiffany’s dress. They come with most of the accessories that the two-pack came with aside from a certain accessory, another axe, and all the interchangeable heads for Chucky and Tiffany.

These figures are scheduled to be released sometime next spring and hopefully, they’ll be put up for pre-order here in the UK soon as I would love to get this two-pack!

Here’s the press release and the images from NECA.

Bride of Chucky – 8″ Scale Clothed Figure – Chucky & Tiffany 2-Pack

From the hilarious horror film Bride of Chucky! The murderous doll inhabited by the soul of a serial killer is back on the rampage, but this time he’s met his match… His old flame Tiffany rescues his parts from a police impound and has marriage on her mind! Finally, in clothed action figure form, this 2-pack includes Chucky and Tiffany with fabric clothing, plus plenty of accessories: an additional swappable head for Chucky, two knives, two guns, an axe, and a necklace. The figures stand 5.5″ tall and are fully poseable. Window box packaging.

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