NECA Reel Toys Nightmare on Elm Street – 8″ Figural Doll – Freddy Krueger Review

“1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you… 3, 4, better lock your door… 5, 6, grab your crucifix… 7, 8, gonna stay up late… 9, 10, never sleep again.”

He’s back.

Everyone’s favorite immolated pedophile, Freddy Krueger, is here to haunt your dreams and lighten your wallet. For the uninitiated, Freddy was a school janitor and child molester. When the townspeople found out what he was doing to their children, they burnt him alive, but he returned from the grave to hunt their children where the townspeople couldn’t protect them, in their dreams.

Note: This is last year’s 8 inch figure, not the Ultimate Freddy NECA is releasing later this week.


Freddy came in blister card packaging with a removable, protective clamshell, perfect for displaying him in the package if that’s your preference. If you decide to open him up (and the figure is beautiful, so I’d recommend you do), the blister card has an excellent illustration. I’m considering throwing it up on my wall like a poster.


Out of the Box

The back of the blister card brags that “Each character comes dressed in tailored fabric clothing similar to the toy lines that helped defined the licensed action figure market of the 1970s.” The pants and sweater fit perfectly, and they look and feel great. I almost wish I’d been born earlier so I could collect the original figures.

The only accessory is the hat, which fits well. I could thing of other accessories he should have (a bed that eats Johnny Depp?), but none that he needs.


The figure is very poseable, although the fabric clothing restrains his movement, and also stops me from seeing exactly what kind of joints he has, but my best guesses are:
-ball and swivel head
-swivel/hinge shoulders
-ball joint hips
-hinge knees
-swivel feet


The paint on the face and hands is perfect. The burnt off, scarred skin, is believable. The glove and the blades at the finger tips are great as well.

Underneath the sweater and the pants is absurd (I had to look). I have no idea were the paint run off to make these marks came from, but it’s not a huge problem because I’m not planning on taking his clothes off. Freddy without his sweater (especially if he looks like a Ken doll) isn’t iconic.

Is it run off from the pants? And why is the skin white?

I’m going to echo what I said about the paint. Everything outside of the clothes is awesome. The scarring on the face captures Freddy the character perfectly. Even cooler though is the glove. The knife fingers are terrifying.

The body under the clothes is a standard jacked dude. I almost wish they did a little more with the skin, directly on the wrists, because the sweater rolls up when the arm extends and it looks weird.


I love the figure. All my criticisms are quibbles. The figure matches Freddy from the original Nightmare on Elm Street perfectly. It’s to the point where if I had kids, I would hide this figure so it wouldn’t scare the crap out of them.

I’d recommend buying it. It’ll be cheaper than the Ultimate Freddy, and is still an amazing figure.


You can pick up Freddy for about $30 at Amazon, or for $34.99 at Toys R’ Us. Entertainment Earth also has the figure listed at $24.99.

UPDATE: You can still find Freddy at Amazon at the link above, but he’s out of stock at most other retailers.  You can also jump onto eBay and search for a deal on this NECA Freddy Krueger figural doll.

Did I get it right? Are you going to buy yourself a Freddy this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

By Ryan Bradley

I've been collecting action figures for as long as I can remember. In 2009, I shifted my focus from general collecting to 3 and 3/4 inch to try and get all of my figures to one scale. I'm a freelance writer who started working at Action Figure Fury in 2014.


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