NECA Re-Releasing 1/4 Scale Batman 89 & Returns Figures

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Just last night NECA revealed that they’ll be re-releasing their 1/4 scale Batman 89 & Batman Returns figures. If you missed out on these figures as they did come out a number of years ago, Batman came out about seven years ago and Penguin and Catwoman followed a few years later. You know that these figures go for very high prices on the secondary market. I missed out on those figures as I didn’t have space or the funds at the time but now that I have I’m very excited about these re-releases.

I should mention that there are no differences at all between the original figures and these re-releases whatsoever. I know that the Mayor Penguin and Catwoman are highly sought after as they sold out pretty darn quick and they are excellent looking figures. So it’s great that they are getting a re-re-release alongside Batman.

I know that fans have been clamoring for the Batman Returns Catwoman and Penguin figures to be released in the 7″ scale-like they did for the Batman 89 figure when the film had it’s 25th anniversary, though I doubt that will happen as now McFarlane Toys have the license for collectible figures but never say never.

These figures are scheduled to be released in May of next year and I personally cannot wait to add these to my collection if I can get my hands on them!

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