NECA Puppet Master Ultimate 2-Packs

On Halloween itself, NECA revealed that they have the license to the Puppet Master franchise by revealing two 2-packs of some of the most iconic puppets in the series.

The Puppet Master film series is well over 30 years old and is owned by Charles Band’s Full Moon Features company which specializes in releasing horror movies specifically to the home video market. The Puppet Master series is one of their most successful franchises. I don’t know all that much about the Puppet Master films but I do recognize that these four puppets are some of the most iconic in the series.

The four puppets are Pinhead, Tunneler, Blade, and Torch. It hasn’t been revealed which puppets are exactly in each two-pack nor accessories that they’ll come with or when they’ll be released.

I’ll be excited to see the figures and how well they’ll scale with other NECA figures and as this is a more obscure property I do wonder what other licenses NECA will pick up in the near future.

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