NECA Prometheus Series 3 – Holographic Engineers

Back at Toy Fair 2013 NECA showed off some prototypes of what was supposed to be Prometheus Series 3, Infected Fifield and Elisabeth Shaw, but NECA quickly realized that the sales just weren’t strong enough with Series 2 to justify the all new tooling to create these figures, so they created the Holographic Engineers for Prometheus Series 3 instead. NECA has now released the official images for these guys, along with the pre-order information to retailers, let’s take a look and see what we have.
NECA Prometheus Series 3 - Holographic Engineers


Prometheus Series 3 contain holographic versions of both the Chair Suit and Pressure Suit Engineers, just like the ones that were previously released in Series 1. You can see a review for the Chair Suit engineer HERE or the Pressure Suit Engineer HERE.

The figures use a combination of translucent blue plastic and hand painted decoration to achieve the “white noise” look. Each of the figures stand over 8″ tall and feature over 20 points of articulation. Both of the figures include a new Ampule accessory, which can be opened to reveal the mysterious contents inside. What do you think it could be?

Pre-orders are currently available at BBTS and they will be shipping in September 2013.

By Nick Lenihan

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