NECA PREY Ultimate Feral Predator is up for pre-order!

Last night, NECA uploaded a gallery for their Ultimate Feral Predator from Prey. Last October, they first revealed the figure during their 31 Nights of Fright event. Since then there has been news on its release so fans have been chomping at the bit waiting for an announcement on its release.

So last night’s announcements were a relief to many including myself. I know that Feral’s design is quite a bit different from the other Predators that we have seen. Also, this Predator’s weapons and mask are more primordial than the others that we have seen. I really do like his biomask and the weapons that he comes with.

I’m not that big of a fan of the unmasked head, much like some people didn’t like the unmasked looks of the predators from AVP. When I get him I’ll definitely keep him masked as it’s a more unique look to him and I prefer the masked look to the Predators in general. He does look big and lean and I am curious to see how big he is compared to the other Predators

The weapons he comes with look suitably ferocious and I really love the shield, I’ve never seen a Predator use a shield before especially in the films. The wrist blades look fantastic and I really love the full and collapsed versions of the spear. The spear gun is a very unique-looking weapon and I love how you can see the targeting sight on the biomask. The interchangeable mandibles for the unmasked head are a great gimmick and make it easier to interchange them rather than have a whole interchangeable head.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Predator figure from NECA that comes with four sets of interchangeable hands as well as an extra one that I can’t identify.

Like all NECA Predator figures, Feral is incredibly well detailed and I absolutely love all the little details in wrist gauntlets and mask. The bone trophies on his back are a lovely touch showing how Feral went for bigger prey throughout the film after each kill. Feral has a great ancient warrior/hunter look to him and like many other fans I fully intend to get this figure I do wonder if NECA has plans for a Naru figure as I know Amber Midthunder would love to have a figure and to come with her loyal companion Sarii would be ace.

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