NECA Predators Series 10

At Toy Fair 2013 Predators Series 9 was on display which is going to be coming out soon, but then there was also NECA Predators Series 10 on display. These guys are based on the old Kenner Predators. It seems to have been taken a couple different ways by the Predator fans. One Fan, was ecstatic, while most of the people on NECA’s Facebook seem pretty angry about them.

I myself think that they look pretty amazing. At Toy Fair 2013 NECA displayed the Nightstrom Predator with his mask off  and a lot of people were asking if NECA could post a photo of him with it on. Recently NECA posted the following picture of the Nightstorm Predator showing what he looks like with his mask on.

EPIC! NECA Predators Series 10 is scheduled to be hitting stores in August of 2013. I’m curious to know, are you a fan of Series 10 being based off of the old Kenner Predators?

By Nick Lenihan

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    Anyway, since my sanit'y back…

    LAVA PLANET – I personally would have preferred Cracked Tusk, which he is a redeco of, but it's still very good. The colors pop (is he cloaked on a lava planet/), and that mask is really, really well-done. Thanks to the Nightstorm reveal, I wonder if it is removable. It's also a good use of the City Hunter/Lost Clan body.

    NIGHTSTORM – Very good use of the Super Predator body. He looks very regal, like someobe above a clan leader – Predator Ruler? Judge? Very intimidating and powerful, and the color scheme/armor detailing gives him kind of a steampunk look. Those claws look like they can either exdtend a short distance to slash and stab, or a long distance to hook and grab. Also, his staff is a good re-use of the stick that held the original Nightstorm's giant double bola cannon up. Note the human skull and Xeno tail!

    WARRIOR/HIVE WARRIOR – Good use of the Jungle Hunter body in a similar paint scheme to the awesome Warrior Predator, but deeper blue. The weapon is great, and evocative of Scarface's Maul from Predator: Concrete Jungle (I wonder if we'll get him), whiole the mask is actually a little Klingonesque, ha!

  2. For those Fan on NECA’s Facebook seem pretty angry about these… Think about it, if the 9 Lost tribe are all out. What do you guys suggest or want you guy want they would produce next or just stop at the Lost predators series and done for…

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