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  1. ridureyu


    And thanks for the linkback!

    Anyway, since my sanit'y back…

    LAVA PLANET – I personally would have preferred Cracked Tusk, which he is a redeco of, but it's still very good. The colors pop (is he cloaked on a lava planet/), and that mask is really, really well-done. Thanks to the Nightstorm reveal, I wonder if it is removable. It's also a good use of the City Hunter/Lost Clan body.

    NIGHTSTORM – Very good use of the Super Predator body. He looks very regal, like someobe above a clan leader – Predator Ruler? Judge? Very intimidating and powerful, and the color scheme/armor detailing gives him kind of a steampunk look. Those claws look like they can either exdtend a short distance to slash and stab, or a long distance to hook and grab. Also, his staff is a good re-use of the stick that held the original Nightstorm's giant double bola cannon up. Note the human skull and Xeno tail!

    WARRIOR/HIVE WARRIOR – Good use of the Jungle Hunter body in a similar paint scheme to the awesome Warrior Predator, but deeper blue. The weapon is great, and evocative of Scarface's Maul from Predator: Concrete Jungle (I wonder if we'll get him), whiole the mask is actually a little Klingonesque, ha!

  2. maax

    For those Fan on NECA’s Facebook seem pretty angry about these… Think about it, if the 9 Lost tribe are all out. What do you guys suggest or want you guy want they would produce next or just stop at the Lost predators series and done for…

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