NECA Predator 2 The Lost Tribe Ultimate Boar Predator!

NECA is continuing to release Ultimate versions of the Lost Tribe Predators from Predator 2. The last one that they revealed was Shaman Predator who looked absolutely terrifying with his biomask on. The next one in the lineup is Boar Predator which has a similar look and accessories to Stalker Predator.

We’ve never seen Boar without his mask so his unmasked head is brand new. I really like the cross on his head and the facial expression is full of aggression. He comes with similar weapons to Stalker with the collapsed and open spear, open and closed smart discs, removable armor, and shoulder cannon with blast effect piece. He even comes with some interchangeable armor pieces for the arm with the gauntlet on, I think that’s to replicate the look of the spear launcher.

I really like the removable armor feature, and I think we’ll see it again on another member of the Lost Tribe down the line. I am not overly interested in this figure as Boar’s design doesn’t really do anything for me but I am incredibly excited to see Snake and Elder in this line as I love those two Predator designs.

This figure will be released in September this year!

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