NECA Preacher Action Figures, Cassidy and Jesse TV Series

Check Out NECA’s Preacher Action Figures, Plus Evil Dead Ash Available

I’m not very familiar with Garth Ennis’ Preacher comics, so I went into the AMC adaptation pretty cold. And though I can’t speak to how well it represents the comic, I can say that I very much enjoyed the first season. And a big part of my enjoyment for the Preacher series came from the cast. It would be no easy task to assemble another trio of leads with the same strong chemistry as Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, and Ruth Negga. Gilgun, in particular, does a great job as the rarely sober Irish vampire Cassidy. So, now that NECA has revealed their first wave of figures for Preacher, I’m pretty stoked. I would have preferred it if they could have had a Tulip figure for wave one as well, but I’ll take Cassidy and Jesse.

And if that’s not enough good NECA news for you, their Ultimate Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams action figure is now available early, through their eBay and Amazon stores.

Details on NECA’s Preacher Action Figures Series 1

These Preacher action figures are based on the characters appearance in the AMC series, and not the comic. As such, they have an (authorized) likeness to Cooper and Gilgun.

How Tall Are These Figures?

The figures will be 6.75 inches (17.1 cm) tall. Both figures will also be fully articulated, though NECA hasn’t share specific details on the articulation yet.

What Accessories Do the Figures Come With?

Cassidy comes with a bottle of Rat Water whiskey and a couple of bottles of Hard Hammer Lager (both fictional brands in the Preacher universe), while Jesse comes with  a couple of bottles of Hard Hammer Lager, the coffee can that, at one time, housed Genesis, and a book with a blue cover. Other sites are calling the book a bible, but it says “hymnal” on the cover, so I’m not sure.

Where Can I Order these Figures, And How Much Do They Cost?

Right now, the pair, who will be individually packaged, are available for pre-order over on Entertainment Earth, for $39.99.

When Will the Figures Be Available?

According to NECA, the figures will be available starting this December.

Photos of NECA’s Preacher Action Figures Series 1

Details on NECA’s Ultimate Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams Action Figure

Ash is back, not only on a brand new Evil Dead series on Starz (which is bloody brilliant) but in fine NECA action figure form.

How Tall is This Figure?

The Ultimate Ash is 7 inches (17.8 cm) tall.

How Much Articulation Does the Figure Have?

The figure has over 25 points of articulation, perfect for all your posing needs.

What Accessories Does the Figure Come With?

Ash comes with 2 interchangeable head sculpts (scared and possessed), interchangeable right forearms, a severed possessed hand, Sheila’s head, the Necronomicon, a tape recording device, an ax, and a shotgun.

Where Can I Order a Figure, And How Much Does It Cost?

Right now, the figure is available and ready to ship through either the NECA Amazon store or the NECA eBay store for $24.99. In addition, if you prefer, you can order the Ultimate Ash on Entertainment Earth for $23.99, but he won’t be shipping from EE until next month.


Photos of NECA’s Ultimate Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams Action Figure

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