NECA Reveals Planet of The Apes George Taylor Retro Style Figure at SDCC 2014

NECA has just started their Planet of the Apes figure lines (Classic & Dawn) and now they have just revealed a George Taylor Retro Style figure. And I have to say that I am really impressed by the look of it. Like the Snake Plissken figure, this was completely unexpected and I am very pleased with the results.

I should add that this is the first figure to feature Charlton Heston’s likeness and it’s very impressive to say the least. NECA has flawlessly caught his likeness from the facial expression, his beard, hair and the eyes. He’s wearing his astronaut outfit that he wore early on in the 1968 classic Planet of the Apes film. It has all the details with the NASA logo, the American flag patch and a name tag. There’s also stitching on the costume so you could see how it goes together. I like the turtle neck and the boots, as it looks almost seamless where the fabric and plastic join.

He also comes with removable backpack which opens and comes with a plethora of accessories, which I am guessing are removable and can be held in his hands.

Hopefully sometime down the line we may get some Apes in the Retro style and more humans in both the Retro and Regular style. I am a big Planet of the Apes fan and I am most definitely getting this figure along with Snake Plissken, which both come out in November of this year.

View this figure, along with TONS of others in the NECA SDCC 2014 Photo Gallery.


By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.

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