NECA Pennywise Accessory Set

We all float down here

A few short months ago NECA revealed that they’ll be releasing a Pennywise Accessory set to accompany their It 2017 Pennywise figures! NECA have released four ultimate 2017 Pennywise’s in total and the accessory set is a very welcome addition.

In this set you’ll be getting:

  • Sewer Diorama Base
  • Pennywise Jack in the Box
  • Pennywise Puppet
  • Georgie’s severed arm
  • SS Georgie boat
  • Red Balloon

These are fantastic accessories especially the sewer diorama base which has an excellent Pennywise head in the drain with glistening eyes which looks awesome!

All the other accessories look to be made to a very high standard as well and the paint and sculpt on all of them is absolutely terrific. The packaging looks fantastic as well. This accessory set will be hitting retail stores later this month and if you’ve collected any of the NECA 2017 Pennywise’s ( I haven’t yet) this accessory set is a must-have.

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