NECA Reveals Packaging for A Nightmare On Elm Street 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure

NECA has just revealed the packaging art for their hotly anticipated A Nightmare on Elm Street 30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy Krueger figure.

The reason being why he’s being dubbed ultimate is because he’s fully posable, unlike the previous standard NECA Freddy Krueger figures, and he comes with more accessories than any other NECA Freddy figure. It’s also the Nightmare on Elm Street 30th anniversary, which certainly is hard to believe it’s already that old.

I have to say I am so excited for this figure, as I don’t have any standard NECA Freddy’s; I only have the Retro one, which they released last year. I’ve always wanted one from the original film, which was very hard to get.

As you can see he comes with his removable fedora, interchangeable bitten gloved hand (including green blood!), two extra interchangeable heads (one with a grin on his face and the peeled head from Tina’s nightmare), along with the standard neutral head on his body, Tina’s dead skin mask and the infamous tongue phone!

I love the packaging too, as it looks like the figure can be easily put in and pulled out which makes it great for both on card/out of box collectors. I personally would be keeping the box. The box art itself looks fantastic with the film logo on the side and a photograph of the figure on the inside of the flip case box. All we need to see now is the front cover artwork.

NECA has said they’ll be doing a full reveal and gallery later this month, just in time for the release date at then end of this month.

I cannot wait for this figure because it’s simply a must have. If you’re a big fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street, or missed out on the original figure, this is a must. It’s the most definitive Freddy figure to date. You can pre-order him for $21.99 here.


By Nick Lenihan

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