NECA New Krampus Tease.

On Christmas Day NECA uploaded a new picture of Krampus from Krampus (2015) that they have been teasing since last Christmas. This time the teaser was a picture of the actual figure itself from a short distance away. You cannot see all too many details on the figure from this distance, though you can see a part of his face and that his cloak looks to be made of soft goods.

The character is incredibly tall and I do wonder how he’ll look standing with other NECA figures once he’s released, hopefully in time for next Christmas. Also, NECA did drop a teaser sometime last year showing the sack of demonic toys that he has with him in the film which had the jack in the box, a teddy bear, a robot, and an angel. I do wonder what other accessories he would come with and I could guess he would come with some gingerbread men and the Krampus ball ball which he gifts to two characters in the film.

I would be curious to know if this will be a deluxe release what with his size and the number of accessories he would come with. Hopefully, NECA will give us some more details soon before next Christmas.

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