Universal Monsters

NECA London After Midnight Ultimate Professor Edward Burke.

During New York Toy Fair last week NECA had several of their Universal Monsters/Classic Monsters on display. One was Professor Edward Burke, whom they formally revealed at Comi-Con earlier this year, but now they have shown the packaging at the Toy Fair. Then just after the event, the figure is up for pre-order in the United States.

They first previewed the figure during their 31 Nights of Fright event last year. I know that the film is a lost film and it’s incomplete with fragments remaining. Though publicity stills of the film have existed showing Lon Chaney in the make-up and costume and has been added to the pantheon of his great character designs.

As the film no longer exists, NECA could only go on those publicity stills to guess what accessories he would come with. The figure looks incredibly close to the film stills I’ve seen, much like the Phantom of The Opera figure which I have yet to add to my collection. You can definitely see Lon Chaney in the figure and the character’s look is very iconic.

The head sculpts look great and I really like the wide-eyed expression heads, the wings/cape look fantastic and I love the slight translucent effect to them. The accessories he comes with are three interchangeable heads, five interchangeable hands, a cape, a removable coat, and a lamp.

This figure is scheduled to be released early next year.

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